Thermal in Simi Valley CA|Copper Heatsink in Simi Valley CA

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We design and manufacture equipment Thermaflo in Simi Valley CA. We offer a full range of Copper Heatsink in Simi Valley CA.

A quite intriguing internet site along with fantastic articles!

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This is just one of one of the most interesting sites I have ever observed. Considering that of its distinct subject matter and remarkable articles, it is very fascinating. This also showcases some great resources. Check it our as well as observe for yourself!

Project Management Services

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Project Management Services - With delivery capabilities across the complete publishing process chain, Smart ePublish is well positioned to take up turnkey project management services on digital publishing. Our Project Management Office (OMO) comprises of a balanced mix of subject matter experts and technology professionals whose constant focus is to ensure that your publishing projects are delivered within defined costs and timeliness, without compromising on quality of output.

Artwork and Graphic Design Services

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Artwork and Graphic design is an important part of the composition process. Our team of graphic designers ensure that all artwork generation needs of the customer are met in house. Our team of graphics designers are drawn from the visual communications and fine arts domains, while also having rich experience is a variety of graphics design software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, etc.).


eBook Distribution Services

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Smart ePublish understand the need of every segment of publishers today. The biggest challenge for every publisher is not to just have the eBook conversion, but more importantly get their eBooks sold online. Online eBook distribution service is one of the most sought after service by most publishers and it makes their life easy and simple if their vendor partner is able to also take care of their last mile efforts.

eBook Conversion Services

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eBook Conversion is an experience in digital content production for multi-channel delivery to various display devices and platforms viz. Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook and KF8. We have all the necessary tools and expertise to convert content in multiple input formats into reflowable ePUBs, or to fixed layout ePUBs. Embedded video, audio overlays, interactive widgets in digital content are all some of the most prominent enhancements that we incorporate in eBooks.

Composition Services

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Our Composition services ensure that the well written content delivered from the editorial process is rendered successfully on a wide variety of display devices for maximum visual impact. Our composition / typesetting expertise help publishers transform their content in the form of a raw manuscript into an aesthetically well laid-out output. We provide composition services in English and many European languages.

Editorial Services

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Editorial Services is a crucial role in both print and electronic publishing process. Our experienced editors carefully scrutinize manuscripts for errors and fix them, with the ultimate objective of maintaining the quality standards expected in the final output. our editorial team comprises of Subject Matter Experts drawn from different disciplines, and also bring comprehensive knowledge of the publishing process.
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