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Match your refrigerator to your mood!

Oprah (#1232) 38 days ago News compressor-rebuild motor-rewinding All   1 Comment  | Add To 
Sure! Just cut your new “decorative fridge sleeve” to the exact size and shape of your Westinghouse refrigerator, then stick it on, and watch the fun begin! “Match it to your appliances! Match it to your hobbies! Match it to your parties!” And with so many mood-reflecting designs to choose from, you’ll never be bored with your kitchen again! Dress your refrigerator in Walnut! Colonial! Rattan! Catawba Cherry (my new favorite color!)! Astro-Glo Bronze (wheeeeee!)! And something called “Surftex Black”! (It sounds scientific… but FUN! It has the word “surf” in it! I’m sold!) Our remanufactured compressors are rebuilt to OEM standards in both materials and tolerances for total peace of mind – ours and yours – and we have maintained training both in house and external to ensure we comply with the most stringent measures and international industry standards.
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